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Elsbeth Zimmermann and her daughter Janneke de Rooij have been enchanted by Morocco since 2002, when they went on a family holiday driving from the Netherlands to the Sahara for the first time with their tents. In March 2012, they took members of the ‘Vrije Academie de Poll’ to draw and paint in the beautiful landscapes of southern Morocco. Since then, anyone who is interested is welcome to join in March or November to work carefree as a group in an inspiring environment.

We travel every year in spring and autumn for a week through the south of Morocco. In compiling the program we take into account any wishes of the participants. Please leave your message at the contact page to get information for one of our trips.

Southern Morocco is not much visited by tourists. There is a great variety of landscapes, oases, palm groves, the Anti-Atlas mountains, with coastal fishing villages, rock carvings and a wide range of flora and fauna. The Moroccan people are very hospitable and Moroccan cuisine unforgettable. In the months of February, March, October and November the temperature is perfect for painting outside and in the evenings we draw and paint in the hotel, a shop, market or house. We often have beautiful models.


  • Discussing the work with the group at the end of the day;
  • Intensive appreciation of the environment through drawing and painting on location;
  • Respect for the environment and local customs;
  • Contribution to the local economy;
  • To ensure a pleasant and safe stay;